Hungaria Cup 2017.
(48th Mecsek Cup)
8-12th August 2017



In the name of Baranya County, City of Pécs, Town of Orfű, Town of Abaliget, their leaders and citizens and also the Baranya County Orienteering Federation, the PVSK, PVM and POEÜ Orienteering Clubs, we say a warm welcome to the participants of the 32nd international Hungaria Cup (48th Mecsek Cup).

The Hungarian Orienteering Federation established Hungaria Cup in 1967-entering the event into the international summer sporting calendar.

Since then this competition is organized every year in the beautiful regions of Hungary. After 1997 and 2007 this is our third chance to organize the Hungaria Cup in the Western part of the Mecsek mountain in forests rich in karstic landforms with Orfű as the centre of the competition.
The number of participants in these competitions usually exceeds 1000 competitors, this year we have the honour to welcome 1300 participants from 32 countries.
We wish all participants from the age of 10 until the age of 85 an enjoyable and successful competition and a pleasant time after the competitions. Please feel free to discover the unique sights, the cultural, historical, architectural heritage and the fine cuisine that await you in the neighbouring area and in Pécs, a UNESCO World Heritage site




On behalf of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation the organizer of Hungaria Cup 2017 is the Orienteering Federation of Baranya County and its member clubs PVSK, PVM and POEÜ.

Main patrons:

Csaba Nagy, president of the General Assembly of Baranya County
Zsolt Páva Dr, mayor of Pécs


Zita Füziné Kajdy, mayoress of Orfű
János Kisfali, mayor of Abaliget
László Keszi, director of Mecsek Forestry Ltd.



Mecsekerdő Zrt. Pécs

Béres Zrt.

Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. Pécs

Lakics Kft.

Bock Borászat Kft

Bodza Borház Pécs

Hevesi Elektronika Kft. Pécs

M Profood Zrt. Pécs

Szigetvári Takarékszövetkezet Pécs

Decathlon Kft Pécs

McNut Sportruházat

R-Water Kft.

Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed Pécs

Klub-Orfű Kft. Orfű

Aquapark Kft. Orfű

Pécsi Egyházmegye


multiNavigátor Budapest

ActiveSport Pécs

Janus Pannonius Múzeum Pécs

Mecsextrém Park Pécs, Árpádtető

Ortmann János asztalos Pécs

Állatkert Pécs

Ökopark Bükkösd

Termálfürdő Magyarhertelend

Élménybirtok Kft. Bikal

Zsolnay  Restaurant & Café Pécs

ROOM Bistro Pécs

Mediterrán Étterem Orfű

PSN Zrt. Pécs

Organizing Committee:

President: Endre Kiss Dr
Vice-president László Tihanyi Dr (administrative)
Ferenc Viniczai (maps, terrain coordination)
József Lipp (logistics)

Secretary: Éva Mező
Sándor Ambrus

Competition days

 Course planner                         


Day 1

Orfű, Bános


Máté Baumholczer

            György Pavlovics

            Event Advisor:

            Péter Molnár

Day 2

Orfű, Vízfő

András Kersity

             István Csizmadia

Day 3

Orfű, Rácz tanya

Gábor Pavlovics Dr

             Péter Molnár

Day 4


Balázs Gyenizse Nagy

             András Szabó

Day 5


Dorottya Péley Dr

             Mátyás Paskuj



Accompanying events:

8 August Mobile-O Zoltán Szlávik, Filoména Kovács
9 August Trail-O Zoltán Miháczi
10 August Night-O Gábor Pillmann, György Gajdos
11 August Beer-O András Kersity, Péter Tóth

Start: Gyula Kóger
Finish: István Fluck
SI manager: Balázs Nagy
Speaker: Árpád Kocsik Dr
Prize-giving ceremony: István Ijjász
Coordinator of accompanying events: Gábor Pataki
Tourist programmes: Edit Kühn
Children’s competition: Ildikó Viniczainé Kovács
Kindergarten: Erika Vargáné Gál

General information

Event Centre:

On 7 August (Monday): Orfű, Széchenyi Square 1 in Orfű-Village Hall (Faluház in Hungarian), GPS:46.147528, 18.146267
On the other competition days the event centre will be in the assembly area.

Access: From Pécs: Pécs – Orfű - Abaliget main road-junction Orfű (marked by control flag)
From Dombóvár: Sásd- Magyarszék-Magyarhertelend-Orfű (marked by control flag)




Registration: 7 August 2017 venue: Orfű-Faluház, Széchenyi square 1, phone: +36 72/598-002, time: 10-22
Registration: 8-12 August 2017, venue: assembly area of the respective competition days, time: 7-11

Number bibs, rented SI cards, parking tickets and wristbands will be handed out during registration.

The competition staff will check the payment of entry and other fees. In case of an unsuccessful or incomplete payment the remaining amount has to be paid in cash during registration.

Parking during the competition is only possible with the official parking tickets. In case no parking ticket was purchased during the entry, parking tickets are also available for purchase during the registration.

Registration and the payment of entry fees for accompanying events (Mobile-O, Trail-O, Night-O, Beer-O) is also possible.

Administration of pre-booked accommodation (Panoráma Camping, Helian Kft.) will also be handled during registration. Card payment of accommodation booked in the camping is only possible at the entrance of the camping.

New entries and modification of entries can also be made during registration. New entries will only be accepted to vacant places in the start list.

Wristband: All competitors are kindly asked to wear the wristbands received during registration for the entire duration of the event. This wristband authorizes competitors to enter the accommodation provided by the organizers or to participate at tourist programmes and benefit of various services at a discounted price.
Companions of the competitors shall also purchase a wristband for 500 HUF/person to be able to access the camping or benefit from services at the tourist programmes.
Competitors booking accommodation at the camping can check in to their accommodation only with an orange wristband. Competitors not having accommodation in the camping will receive a green wristband which allows them to enter the camping only for the afternoon and evening events. To these afternoon and evening events held in the camping only people with wristbands will be admitted, the employees of the camping will check wristbands and all cases of misused wristbands and unauthorized entries will be reported.

Information service addressing questions about the competition, the accompanying events and tourist programmes will be available on 7 August between 10-22 and on 8 August between 7-11 at the registration and later (8-12 August) in the assembly area at the information tent.


Panoráma Camping Orfű, Dollár st. 1. phone: +36 72/378-501
Bungalows, cabins, tents and caravans
To check in at the accommodation, guests are required to fill and sign the accommodation form provided by the camping during registration. Any future entrance to the camping will only be possible with the provided orange wristband.

Hard floor accommodation at the gym hall of the school of Orfű, Ady E. st. 16.
Hard floor accommodation with own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. The gym hall will be locked from 9:30 until 13:30, during the competitions. During this period, keys to the gym hall will be available at the information tent in the assembly area.
Please fill and sign the accommodation form received during the registration and submit it in the school.

In Orfű the rate of tourist tax is 350 HUF/person/night for all guests aged above 18 and it is paid directly to the hosting accommodation. During registration the guests of the camping can only pay the tourist tax in cash, thus guests are kindly asked to have the exact amount ready in cash. Payment by card is only possible at the entrance of the camping.

Competitors are kindly asked to leave the official accommodation latest on 12 August by 15:00.
Other accommodation possibilities: individual or pre-booked accommodation.

Training possibilities:

Between 5-7 August control points with control flags only will be set up in the area of Fehérkút.
The orienteering map of the terrain with the control points will be available for download at the homepage of the event or for purchase during registration on 7 August for a fee of 500 HUF/map.
Access: Orfű – main road to Pécs – Remeterét – road to Lapis – main road to Árpádtető
Parking at the location marked by a control flag.

First start: 10:00 on each competition day.

Number bibs: Each competitor should wear their number bibs received during registration on all competition days. The number bibs show the name and class of the competitor as well as the start times for the first four days.

Maps: The maps are made or surveyed in 2017 according to the IOF regulations. Information about the scale of the maps can be found at the description of individual competition days. The competition maps were printed on waterproof Pretex paper. The size of the maps is 305x215 mm. After finishing the race, competition maps will not be collected, thus all competitors are kindly asked to respect the rules of fair play. Control descriptions will be printed on the maps and also provided separately in the start area.

Start: The start procedure will be similar on Days 1-4. On Day 1 competitors shall enter the start area 4 minutes before their start, on Days 2-4, 3 minutes before their start. Separate control descriptions will be available in the warm-up area before entering the start. The units to clear and check SI cards will be available in the start area and maps can be taken at the moment of start. The sketch of the start process is below at the description of individual competition days. Information about the start process of Day 5 will be given separately with the description of the competition day below.

Control points: The traditional SI punching system will be used at the event. Control points will be equipped with orange-white control flags and SI units. In case of lack of response from the SI units please punch on the map.

Finish areas:
Refreshment: After completing the race, competitors will be given water as refreshment. To reduce the amount of plastic waste, please bring your own plastic cup. You can place your cups in the designated cup holders before the race.

Waste collection: In the assembly area waste will be collected separately. Please place your waste in the appropriate container.

Medical aid with ambulance, doctors and nurses will be available in the finish area. The ambulance will be on site each day from 9:00 to 15:00.

Washing facilities: On Day 1-3 water taps will be provided in the assembly area, on Day 4-5 the showers of the camping can be used.

Food (also warm dishes) will be available for purchase in the assembly area.

Results: The results will be shown on large-screens in a tent in the assembly area. On Day 3 the screen will be placed in the round building next to the finish. The printed daily results will also be displayed in the evening in the camping and the gym hall and the day after in the assembly area.
In the assembly area results will also be available online and accessible via mobile devices which have both Wi-Fi connection and a web browser. You can connect to a free Wi-Fi network (no need for mobile Internet connection).
Technical details: SSID: result (open system, accessible without password).
Type in your browser. This points to a simplified version of the homepage of the event where the updated results can be reached by clicking on a link. Please select the class and set the refresh interval (30 sec, 1min, 2 min or 5 min). If you have questions please contact the organizers.

Children’s course: Children’s course with a marked path will be organized on each competition day at the assembly area or its close proximity as shown on the map. Children can start the race at any time between 10:30-14:00 on each day. There will be no time keeping or prize-giving ceremony at the children’s race, but each finisher will get a present.

Kindergarten: Childcare service will be available on each competition day between 9:30 and 14:30 in the assembly area.


The terrains of each competition day (the accompanying events as well) form part of the Duna-Dráva Natural conservation area, a Natura 2000 protected area.
Please pay increased attention to the protection of the plants and waste collection, dispose of your waste responsibly. Areas with an enhanced protection are marked on the map as restricted areas, do not enter these! Please avoid open dolinas, (danger of injury!), areas with dense vegetation and fodder racks.
Dogs are not allowed on the competition courses and have to be held on a leash in the assembly area!

Contact info of the organizers: +36 30/8710215, +36 20/4766121, +36 20/9372401

Further information:
Medical service: Orfű, Ady E. st. 3. phone: +36 72/378-522, office hours: Tue, Thu, Fri: 8.30-12, Wed: 13.30-17.30
Medical service during the night: Pécs, Ifjúság st. 13 in the emergency level (entrance from Honvéd st.) from 15:00 until 7:00, phone: +36 72 515 104
Pharmacy: Orfű, Széchenyi square 1. Opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fri: 8.30-12, Wed: 13.30-17.30
Post office: Orfű, Ady E. st. 8., phone: +36 72/378-404
Police: Orfű, Széchenyi square 3., phone: +36 72/498-236
ATM: Orfű, Széchenyi square 17, at Átrium Pension
Grocery stores: Orfű, Széchenyi square 29, Opening hours: 7-21
Orfű, Kossuth st. 31
Please find the local public transport bus timetables between Pécs-Orfű and Pécs-Abaliget on a separate information sheet.


Swimming opportunities between 7-13 August:

Orfű Aqua Park: free on 8th August, 50% discount on other days during Hungaria Cup 2017, opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Club Orfű open air pool: 50 % discount, opening hours: 9.00-18.00

Magyarhertelend Spa: 50% discount, opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Other discount opportunities in the region

Zoo, Pécs: 30% discount on admission fees with the wristband between 7-13 August. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts, paid out in cash or used in other time periods.

Cella Septichora-Early Christian Mausoleum, Pécs: 50 % off the admission fee

Episcopal Sights, Pécs: Extra 20% off the reduced admission fee
Individual sights: The Episcopal Palace 960 HUF; The Cathedral 560 HUF; Mosque 560HUF; Episcopal Treasury + Cathedral Lapidarium 400 HUF
Complete package price: Spectacles of a1000 years 2000 HUF; Mosque + Episcopal Treasury + Cathedral Lapidarium 800 HUF; The Cathedral + Episcopal Palace 1200 HUF

Zsolnay Quarter –Exhibitions, Pécs 50% off the full admission fee with wristbands at: Golden Age of Zsolnay- László Gyugyi’s Collection; Zsolnay Mausoleum; Pink Zsolnay’s Exhibition; Zsolnay Family and Factory History Exhibition; The Glove 1861 Manufacture; Lab; House of Playful Science; Gallery m21

Puchner Estate Experience, Bikal: medieval theme park: adult admission fee 1000 HUF/person, 50 % off the full price.

Further discounts

Magyarhertelend Spa

Ecopark Bükkösd: 50% off the admission fee and further 10% discount in the restaurant of the park.

Mecsextrém Park: 50% off the full admission fee

Aqua Park Orfű

Dripstone Cave, Abaliget: Discounted admission fee to the dripstone cave between 8-11 August.

Eating out:

Fine dining opportunity: Zsolnay Restaurant & Cafe ( Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter) 10% discount

Room Bistro (Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter) 10% discount

Mediterrán Étterem Restaurant (Orfű, Széchenyi square) 10% discount

Tourist programmes:

Explore the magnificent underworld secrets in Trio- and Szuadó Caves.
Experienced cavers lead you through the mysterious dripstones. Necessary equipment: helmets, wetsuits, Wellington boots and headlamps are provided to make the tour more comfortable. You can also discover the exhibition of the House of Mecsek telling the history of the caves, limestone formation, dripstones, the flora of the caves and other caves of Hungary.
Visitors have to be above the age of 8 years and having an average physical condition.
Length of the tour: 3-4 hours (1-1.5 hours in the cave)
Date: 8 August 17:00, 9 August 17:00 and 18:30 and 10 August 17:00
Admission fee: 4500 HUF, payment on site
Meeting point: House of Mecsek visitor centre near the assembly area of the first and second day.

Dragonboat Race Orfű: Take part in a 60- minute- programme on the lake with 4 dragonboats. The sprint course covers a 100 meter stretch of the lake in Orfű. Organised only for the competitors of Hungaria Cup 2017.Select your own crew! You need a drummer and 10 or 20 rowers.
Date: 11 August 17.00 (5pm), the event takes approx. 1 hour
Entry fee: 1000 HUF/person
Meeting point: Orfű sport camp at the lake.

Guided tour by night in Cella Septichora: 60 minutes of history and mystery! Discover the 4th century early Christian burial sites – part of the UNESCO World Heritage at night.
Date: 10 August 21.00 (9pm)
Admission fee: 800 HUF, payment on site
Meeting point: Pécs, Szent István square, in front of Cella Septichora

Visit in the Episcopal Palace with wine- and chocolate tasting (5 items)
Get an inside view of the Episcopal Palace of Pécs! Discover the story of the Palace. At the end of the guided tour the connoisseur in wine of the Bishopric will present a wine- and chocolate tasting in the Episcopal wine-cellar. Guided tour in English and Hungarian.
Date: 10 August 17:00 (5pm), duration: approx. 2 hours
Admission fee: 4000 HUF/person, buy the tickets before the programme in the Granary Visitor Information Centre (Pécs, Aradi Vértanúk street)
Meeting point: The Entrance of The Episcopal Palace

Organ tour and tower visiting in the Cathedral of Pécs
Discover the incomparable architectural beauty of the Cathedral and the secret of the unique organ! As a part of the programme you can admire the wonderful view from the south-eastern tower of the Cathedral.
Date: 9 August 16:30 (4:30pm), the tour takes approx. 1.5 hours
Admission fee: 1500 HUF/person
Meeting point: Cathedral Pécs (Dóm square)

Visit the Bock Cellar in Villány
Taste some real treats and catch a glimpse of the winemaker’s craft. Your gastronomic experience will become complete through The Óbor Restaurant next door. Evening meal: stuffed cabbage from the beehive oven (Hungarian speciality)
Date:10 August 2017 18.00 (6pm)
Start from Orfű 17.00 Széchenyi square
Start from Pécs 17.15
Price: 5000HUF + transport

Concert at the Cathedral of Pécs:
Contributing: Tamás Kosóczki (organ) and Péter Solymosi (trumpet)
Date: 11 August 20:00
Admission: 1000 HUF discounted price with wristband. Purchase on site.

Information about all the tourist programmes: Edit Kühn or at the information tent /desk from 7th August. e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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