Day 2, 9 August Orfű


Assembly area, finish: at the House of Mecsek (GPS,46.138057,18.1588862)



Access: On foot: 2100 m from the Panoráma Camping, Orfű; 1700 m from the Village Hall, Orfű following the main roads (1100 m following the yellow markings at the path next to the main road, starting south of the junction of the two roads).
By car: Coming from Orfű or from Pécs on the main road from Pécs to Orfű, turn at the junction marked by a control flag within the village of Orfű.
Parking: At the paved and grassy area after leaving the main road at the junction, 200-500 m from the assembly area. Please follow the instructions of the competition officials.

Finish-Start: 2350 m /140 m climb following the blue-white markings.



Map: M55-M80 and W55-75 1:7500, other classes 1:10 000, contour interval 5m.
Terrain: A smaller part of the terrain has characteristics typical of a mid-mountain range while a larger part is dominated by karstic depressions. The relief is varied with a dense road network. The coverage is diverse with areas of good to difficult runnability. There is continuous forestry work on the terrain, thus new roads and smaller changes in vegetation can occur!

Refreshment: at locations marked on the competition map.
Potentially dangerous areas are marked at the terrain!
After SI-readout all competitors are invited to run in a labyrinth raised at the assembly area. No previous registration is required.
Heading west, lost competitors can reach Orfű or the main road leading to Orfű.



club startlists



split times


HK 2 nap kicsi


Control descriptions

Afternoon programme:

Venue: Orfű, Dollár st (link)
Programme: 11:45-: registration
12:00-17:00: start
Type of the event: PreO
Organizer: TIPO TKE
Map: Scale 1:4000, surveyed in 2017
Classes: Elite Open, Elite Paralympic
Pre-registration: until 8 August 16:00 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entry fee: Elite Open 500 HUF
Elite Paralympic: free, after the pre-registration deadline 300 HUF
Payment on the day of the competition on site.
Terrain: The walking path and park area bordering the lake at Orfű. The competition area is accessible by wheelchair, crossing a grassy area in 200 m length on a marked route. Competitors in the Elite Paralympic class are advised to be accompanied by a helper.
Trail: Competitors in the Elite Paralympic class are advised to be accompanied by a helper.
Important information:
Competitors can use their own punching cards.
Helpers of the competitors in the Elite Paralympic class can simultaneously participate in the Elite Open Class with the same competition time as the Paralympic class.
The A cluster controls do not have their own viewpoints.
Solution maps will be handed out after the last start.
Prize-giving ceremony: Prizes will be given to the first three competitors of each class.
Course: Course planner: Zoltán Miháczi
Map: scale 1:4000, contour interval 2,5 m, ISSOM 2017
Course: 19 controls, 1 time-keeping station before the course. Course length 1800 m, competition time: 111 minutes, 120 minutes for the Paralympic class.


Prize-giving ceremony for the daily winners in Panoráma Camping at the big tent from 19:00, followed by Disco until 24:00.

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