Day 5, 12 August, Abaliget


Assembly area, finish: Abaliget Camping (GPS:46.138800,18.116598)




 Finish-Start: 1280 m / 95 m climb following the blue-white markings.



Chasing start: time and order of start is based on the overall results of the first four days. In each class chasing start is in the first 40 minutes counting from the competitor in lead, then competitors will start in order of the overall results with 1 minute intervals.
In the Open classes and M/W10D there will not be a chasing start. Due to the chasing start competitors have to enter the start area 6 minutes before their start. Please keep this in mind when going to the start!
It is mandatory to wear number bibs!
Starting lists and start times will be displayed on the evening of 11 August in the camping and gym hall and in the morning of 12 August in the assembly and start area. Start lists will also be available online on the homepage of the event.
After starting competitors have to follow the mandatory marked route to reach the control flag showing the location of the start on the map.

Terrain: The northern part of the Abaliget-Szuadó map with an elevation of 150-375 m above sea level. Typical karstic terrain with depressions. The slope above the lake of Abaliget is relatively steep, but has flat areas with large karstic depressions. The relief of the terrain is varied with a lot of depressions, pits and dolinas. In some areas the vegetation is relatively young and dense, but the runnability and visibility is good in the larger part of the terrain and the road network is dense. Due to caving activities there are new entrances to the underground cave system in the terrain. These are marked with a black ‘v’ (stony pit) on the map and are also marked on the terrain. Due to danger of injury it is forbidden and dangerous to enter the marked areas!
Some control points may be very close to each other. According to the Hungarian competition rule 16.10 control point should be at least 30 metres from each other. Due to the difficulty we placed control points on a similar object a bit farther from each other, but pay extra attention to the control codes!
Map: M55-M80 and W55-W80 1:7500, in all other classes 1:10000 with 5 m contour intervals.
There will be no refreshment during the course.
Radio control, Spectator control: There will be a radio control in the following classes: W16B; M16B; W18B; W21B; M18B; W21E; W20E; M50; M20E; M35; M21E; M40; W65; W70; M75; W75.
Classes a W16B; M16B; W18B; W21B; M18B; W21E; W20E; M50; M20E; M35; M21E will also have a spectator control visible from the assembly area south of the finish area on the hillslope. After the spectator control competitors can be expected in the finish in 1-10 minutes.
To make the race more exciting for the spectators, there is another spectator control for classes M21E, W21E (M18B) at the lake. Please leave the area free for the competitors to pass.

Potentially dangerous areas are marked at the terrain!
Overall results of the five competition days will be displayed in the finish area by the closure of the event.
Heading north, lost competitors can reach Abaliget or the main road connecting Pécs and Abaliget.




split times


HK 5 nap kicsi


Control descriptions



Prize-giving ceremony: 12 August at 14:00 in the open area between the lake and the fence of the camping. Based on the overall results of the five competition days the first three competitors in each class will receive medals and prizes.

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