Day 4, 11 August, Abaliget


Assembly area, finish: Abaliget Camping (GPS:46.138800,18.116598)





Access: On foot: From Panoráma Camping, Orfű following the path as shown on the map (2500 m / 90 m climb).
By car: From the main road connecting Pécs and Abaliget turn left at the road marked with a control flag within the village of Abaliget.
Parking: at several parking areas. The location of the individual parking areas and the walk paths to the assembly area are shown on the map. Please follow the instructions of the competition officials when entering the parking areas and parking.
Changing rooms, showers and toilets can be found in a building at the camping.

3nap Parkolo


Finish-Start: 1610 m / 100 m climb following the blue-white markings.

4day rajt


Map: M60-80 and W55-75 1:7500, other classes 1:10000, contour interval 5 m.
After starting, competitors have to follow the mandatory marked route to reach the control flag showing the location of the start on the map.
Terrain: A larger part of the terrain has characteristics typical of a mid-mountain range while a smaller part is dominated by karstic depressions. The relief is varied with a dense road network. The coverage is diverse with areas of good to difficult runnability. There is continuous forestry work on the terrain, thus new roads and smaller changes in vegetation can occur!
Refreshment: at locations marked on the competition map.
Potentially dangerous areas are marked at the terrain!

Heading north, lost competitors can reach Abaliget or the main road connecting Pécs and Abaliget.



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 HK 4 kicsi

Control descriptions


Afternoon, evening programme:

Venue: In the proximity of Panoráma Camping Orfű, in the area of an open valley east of the beach of Orfű.
Terrain: Diverse terrain with varied runnability rich in topographical features such as erosion gullies, ravines, ditches and some steep hillslopes.
Map: scale 1:5000 with 5m contour interval surveyed in 2017 in size A5.
Start and finish: at the valley, approx. 200 m from the entrance of the beach (follow the marked route from the entrance of the beach).
First start: 18:00, the competition starts with a ceremonial entry of the teams.
Classes: Women, Men, Mix and Masters relay
Course lengths: qualification races: 800-1000 m, 8-10 min long courses
finals: 1200-1400 m, 10-12 min long courses with spectator control
Due to the steep and in some areas dense vegetation, competitors are advised to use spiked shoes and long socks.
Control points will be equipped by a control flag and an SI unit. Teams have two members who exchange each other at the marked route from the last control or to the start point.
Competitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate at the event.
End of the race: 20:00.
Prize-giving ceremony: The first three teams in each class will receive prizes offered by multiNavigator.

Prize-giving ceremony for the daily winners in Panoráma Camping at the big tent from 20:00, followed by Disco until 24:00.

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