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To prevent extra transfer charges (bank cost) send your entry fee payment to the following

Bank account no.

Tájfutásért-Pécs Alapítvány IBAN HU20 5080 0166 5750 0544 0000 0000 Bank


Bank Address: 7622 Pécs, Bajcsy Zs. u. 7. Hungary

Payment in euro via bank transfer until 01.08 2017, by cash after this date.

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Our Travel Agency provides a wide range of service which ensure that the clients of the HUNGARIA CUP 2017 will find the most suitable accommodation. Our company provides a bridge between local communities and travelers. Make your choice of Orfű varied accommodation options , Experience the hospitality of the local people, their service quality and visit us again!

We propose to book as soon as possible because we can’t guarantee any kind of accomodation after the 17th of June. The price you find on our website includes the cost of the accommodation and the obligatory tourist tax. The price doesn't include any Catering (eg.: breakfast and dinner).



To identify your payment of your bank transfer please write the followings in the „Details of Payment”;

name+ club+ entry +acc. (for accomodation) +O-Top+ parking




If family members belong to different clubs, please send an extra e-mail message about the details.

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Hungária Cup 2017 74 days to go

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