Hungaria Cup 2017



Date and location

8-12 August 2017, Orfű and Orfű district

Event Centre

Orfű village-centre

Form of the race

International, five -day individual event, with combined results and with chasing start on the 5th day. 1st day: The 58th Mecsek Cup  for the M/W21 E categories with WRE leg.

Organised for the 3rd time (1997,2007,2016) in the district of Pécs-Orfű-Abaliget, in the Western forests of Mecsek ,a karstic area rich in depressions and deep valleys.


W/M 10D, 12C, 14B,  14C, 16B, 16C, 18B, 18C, 20E, 21E, 21B, 21Br, 21C, 35B, 35Br, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, OA (open for advanced) OB (open for beginners), OD (open for beginners with taped route)

Patrons of the competition

  • Csaba Nagy, president of  General Assembly of Baranya County
  • Zsolt Páva Dr, mayor of Pécs
  • Zita Füziné Kajdy, mayoress of Orfű
  • János Kisfali, mayor of Abaliget
  • László Keszi, director of Mecseki Erdészeti Zrt.

Organizing Committe

  • Director: Endre Kiss Dr
  • Deputy Chairman: Ferenc Viniczai, József Lipp, László Tihanyi Dr
  • Secretary: Éva Mező, Sándor Ambrus

Course planners / Controllers

  • Day 1: Máté Baumholczer / György Pavlovics Jr. Dr.
  • Day 2: András Kersity / István Csizmadia
  • Day 3: Gábor Pavlovics Dr / Péter Molnár
  • Day 4: Balázs Gyenizse-Nagy / András Szabó
  • Day 5: Dorottya Péley Dr / Mátyás Paskuj


  8 August 2017, Tuesday Orfű Shortened normal, WRE: normal
  9 August 2017, Wednesday Orfű Middle
 10 August 2017, Thursday Orfű (Rácz-tanya) Middle
 11 August 2017, Friday    Abaliget Shortened normal
 12 August 2017, Saturday Abaliget Middle


Planned „0” time

10am every day

Extra programmes, accompanying events

  • Accompanied races
  • Swimming pools: Orfű Aqua Park,Orfű small Lake, Abaliget lake,Hertelend Spa
  • Individual free time programmes. Pécs, Villány, Mohács, Szigetvár ( details later)

Entry deadlines and fees

    Entry deadline 30.05.2017 01.07.2017 25.07.2017 after 25.07.2017
    Payment deadline 15.06.2017 15.07.2017 01.08.2017 at location
Entry fee
    up to M/W 14 and over 65 - 5 days 6.000 HUF/person 7.000 HUF/person 8.000 HUF/person 9.000 HUF/person
    all others - 5 days 12.000 HUF/person 13.000 HUF/person 15.000 HUF/person 16.000 HUF/person
    up to M/W 14 and over 65 - 1 day 1.400 HUF/person 1.600 HUF/person 1.800 HUF/person 1.800 HUF/person
    all others - 1 day 2.700 HUF/person 3.000 HUF/person 3.500 HUF/person 3.500 HUF/person
    Open categories - 1 day 1.000 HUF/person 1.500 HUF/person
Other fees
    SI card rental 300 HUF/person/day
    Parking fee - day / 5 days 300 / 1.400 HUF/day



  • online: ENTRY
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry fee payment

Payment via bank transfer until 01.08 2017, by cash after this date.

Attention: To identify your payment in the „Announcement” of your bank transfer please write the followings; name+ club+ entry +acc. (for accomodation) +O-Top+ parking


If family members belong to different clubs, please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank account no.

Tájfutásért-Pécs Alapítvány IBAN HU 42 5080 0166 1100 0248 0000 0000      Bank SWIFt Code: TAKBHUHB

Bank Address: 7622 Pécs, Bajcsy Zs. u. 7. Hungary




Student hostels, camps, dormitories, hard floor gyms will be organized by the organizing comettee in Orfű and Abaliget and will be found on our website „  until 01.03.2017 at the latest.

Terrain description

A real taste of orienteering, typical variation of the karstic terrains with large depressions, dolinas, rich in  roadnetwork. Runnability and visibility is excellent in most parts  of the competition area though there are some prints of forestry work  some days. Additional corrected parts will be used on WRE. Altitude above sea level is 200-400m.


1:5.000/5m, 1:7.500/5m, 1:10.000/5m, 1:15.000/5m. Corrected in 2016-17.


Available on 05.08. and 06.08. 2017.

Punching system


Finish areas

Can be reached  from the event centre and from Orfű camp site easily.

Children race

Every day near the finish area.

Childcare service

Every day in the finish area during the competition.


Medal for for the first three  winners in all categories on the fifth day with an additional prize. Awards for Mecsek Cup WRE categories  are given on the first day. Yellow T-shirts go to the daily winners.


Nature reserve area. Keep it clean. Go Green.







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