Hungary welcomes you in Pécs and region. Explore the treasures of Baranya County!





Discounts with VIP wrist band


The staff of Hungária Cup welcomes the participants and the visitors who represent a wide range of nationalities. This competition is more than just a race, as it draws the attention of us all the nature, the terrain, the joy of the Mecsek mountain and our rich historical heritage.

We would like to provide unforgattable programs to both, competitors and the family members.  All competitors receive a VIP wrist band which entitles the owners to participate on a discount price several cultural social and pastime activities in the area. 





List of discounts here:

Cella Septichora-Early Christian Mausoleum 

Ökopark- Bükkösd

Zoo (Pécs)

Aquapark Orfű (The first day is free!)

Puchner Estate Experience

Magyarhertelend Spa

Episcopal sights

Zsolnay Quarter –Exhibitions

- Golden Age of Zsolnay- László Gyugyi’s Collection
- Zsolnay Mausoleum
- Pink Zsolnay’s Exhibition
- Zsolnay Family and Factory History Exhibition
- The Glove 1861 Manufactury
- Lab- House of Playful Science
- Gallery m21

- Eating out:

            Fine Dining: Zsolnay Étterem Restaurant & Café Pécs Zsolnay Quarter 
            ROOM Bistro Pécs Zsolnay Quarter 
            Mediterrán Étterem Orfű 




Other programs


Beyond the program which entitles you a discount with the VIP wristband we also would like to spoil you with fixed program. In these cases the fee is advertised and registration is required. Our aim is to show you our gastronomy, special culture, history and entertainment facilities.

Register here. More information in the bulletin or online.


Shivering experience!

Guided tour by night in Cella Septichora


Is your knowledge of the past everything it could be?

60 minutes of history and mystery!

Discover the 4th century early Christian burial sites – part of the UNESCO World Heritage at night.

Don’t leave your headlight at home!

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Entrance fee: 800 forint

Appointments: 2017. 08.10. 





 Do you like challenge?

Take part a 60- minute- programme on the lake with 4 dragonboats
The sprint course covers a 100 meter stretch of the lake in Orfű
Entry fee: 1000 Ft/person
Date: 11th August 5pm

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Organised only for the competitors of Hungaria Cup 2017
Select your own crew! You need a drummer and 10 or 20 rowers.

Every participant enters the race on his or her risk.



trio barlang


Unforgettable Cave Adventure in Mecsek, Orfű!


Explore the magnificient underworld secrets in Trio-and Szuadó Caves.


Experienced cavers lead you through the mysterious dripstones. Necessary equipments are provided; helmets, wet suit,Wellington boots and headlamps  to make the tour more comfortable You can also discover  the exhibition of Mecsek’s House telling you the history of the caves, limestone formations, dripstones, the flora of the caves and other caves of Hungary.

 Visitors can be  above  age 8 and having an average physical condition.


Length of the tour: 3-4 hours ( 1-1.5 hours in cave)

 Admission: 4500 Ft

Date: 9th August 


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Every participant enters the race on his or her risk.


puspokseg szabadido


 Visitation of the Episcopal Palace with wine- and chocolate tasting (5 items)

Get an inside view of the Episcopal Palace of Pécs! Discover the story of the Palace visited by a giuded tour! At the end of the tour the connoisseur in wine of the Bishopric will present a wine- and chocolat tasting in the Episcopal wine-cellar.

Date: 08/10/2017; Thursday; at 17:00pm.
Meeting point: The Entrance of The Episcopal Palace
Duration: about 2 hours

The language of the guided tour and the tasting is hungarian with english translation.
Buying ticket: before the program in the Granary Visitor Information Centre

For maximum 40 person     Price:4000 HUF/person

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pecsi szekesegyhaz orgona pp

Organ tour and tower visiting int he Cathedral of Pécs

Discover the incomparable architectural beauty of the Cathedral and the secret of the unique organ! As a part of the program you can admire the wonderful wiev from the south-eastern tower of the Cathedral.

Date: 9th August 16:30 pm

Price: 1500 HUF/person

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bock 100m pinceag


Visit the Bock Cellar in Villány

Taste some real treats and catch a glimpse of the winemaker’s craft.
Your gastronomic experience will become complete through Tthe Óbor Restaurant next door.

10th August 2017

Price: 5000Ft + transport


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